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It's no shock that SMARTBett Murphy beds have seen a surge in demand, propelled by major design enhancements over the last decade. These updates have transformed Murphy beds into a prime choice for sleeping solutions, rivaling standard beds in terms of comfort, space efficiency, contemporary aesthetics, color variety, and overall value. Every SMARTBett Murphy bed features advanced orthopedic slats and mechanisms tailored to support a seven-zone mattress, ensuring a sleep experience on par with conventional beds but with greater flexibility to customize your space.
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You can easily secure your Murphy bed with the provided straps from the installation kit, even with a blanket and pillow tucked inside, allowing for quick and efficient closure.
The updated air spring system automatically adjusts for the weight of the bed frame and mattress, ensuring effortless opening and closing of the bed. This feature enhances both safety and convenience.
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Folding Beds - More space, more value

After a restful night's sleep, waking up refreshed and ready to start a vibrant and active day, your new Murphy bed ingeniously blends into the decor of your room. By seamlessly "disappearing" when closed, it allows for increased movement and freedom, transforming your space effortlessly. This adaptability turns your bedroom or guest room into a versatile area, perfect for a variety of activities.
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Whether you're looking to practice yoga, engage in a fitness routine, convert the space into a cozy, spacious home office, or set up a creative studio for an artist, the Murphy bed makes it all possible.
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Its exceptional aesthetics contribute to the beauty of any room, while its minimal intrusion and practicality ensure that your living space remains both stylish and functional.

Enjoy the delightful experience of a wonderful day ahead and the multifunctional possibilities of your new, enhanced space.

How to choose a Murphy bed?

Selecting the appropriate style and size of a folding Murphy bed to meet your specific needs is straightforward. You need to consider who will use the bed and what features you desire. Start by determining the size of the foldable bed in wall. The choice of bed size will depend on the dimensions of the room where it will be installed and the number and size of people who will use it. For instance, a 90cm x 200cm Murphy bed may be perfect for a child or a single adult of average build. If you require more space, a 120cm x 200cm bed might be a better option. A 140cm x 200cm bed can comfortably accommodate two adults of average build. For those seeking the utmost in comfort and space, the 160cm x 200cm size would be the optimal choice.

Murphy Bed - Size

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Vertical or Horizontal?

When it comes to choosing a wall bed, one of the primary decisions you'll face is whether to opt for a vertical or horizontal orientation. Each style offers its own set of advantages and considerations, catering to different spatial and aesthetic preferences.
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Murphy Bed - Vertical

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The vertical Murphy bed, also known as a pull-down bed or folding Murphy bed, is a popular choice for many homeowners seeking to maximise space efficiency. This style of wall bed features a vertically oriented design, with the bed folding down from the wall in a downward motion.
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One of the key benefits of a vertical Murphy bed is its compact footprint. By folding down vertically, this type of wall bed requires minimal floor space, making it ideal for rooms with limited square footage. It's a practical solution for small bedrooms, studio apartments, or any area where space is at a premium.
Additionally, vertical Murphy beds often offer ease of use. The simple pull-down mechanism allows for quick and effortless deployment, making it convenient for daily use. Many models also come with integrated sofa options, providing a versatile furniture solution that maximises functionality.
For those in search of a Murphy-style bed that seamlessly blends into the background when not in use, a vertical wall bed may be the perfect choice. Its sleek design and space-saving capabilities make it a popular option among homeowners and renters alike.

Murphy Bed - Horizontal

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On the other hand, the horizontal Murphy bed offers a different approach to space-saving design. Instead of folding down vertically, this style of wall bed folds out horizontally from the wall.
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Horizontal Murphy beds are well-suited for rooms with low ceilings or narrow dimensions, where a vertical orientation may not be feasible. By extending horizontally, these beds can accommodate larger sleeping surfaces while still conserving valuable floor space.
Another advantage of horizontal Murphy beds is their aesthetic appeal. When closed, they resemble a stylish cabinet or shelving unit, seamlessly integrating into the room's decor. This makes them an attractive option for spaces where design versatility is a priority.
Like their vertical counterparts, horizontal Murphy beds often come with additional features such as integrated storage solutions or sofa configurations, enhancing their functionality and versatility.
Ultimately, whether you choose a vertical or horizontal Murphy-style bed depends on your specific spatial requirements, aesthetic preferences, and lifestyle needs. Whether you're in search of a foldable bed for a compact apartment or a stylish wall bed for a modern living space, SmartBett UK offers a wide range of options to suit every taste and requirement.

Murphy Bed - Colors

Each of our Murphy beds is available in one or two color options. Simply select a preferred color for the body and another for the front. To make your choice, utilize the filter option or pick the ideal color combination directly on the product page.
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What do you need to know when buying a Murphy bed?

Make sure your space complies with the recommended installation standards for Murphy beds:
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1. There is enough space for the structure (at least 20 square meters).
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2. The slope of the floor is at 175cm a maximum of 2cm (1.15%).
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3. A room height of 235cm is guaranteed for the construction.
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4. The Murphy bed is only attached to a solid wall appropriate (no lightweight walls). The wall thickness must be at least 10 cm.
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5. if there is a skirting board, it can be removed to ensure that the bed can be attached correctly. tzt nado pomenzal skirting board to baseboard
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6. there are no water and power lines in the wall or at the points where the bed is screwed to the wall.