Murphy beds and accessories

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The innovative SMARTBett® concept was developed by a team of experienced engineers and designers. The task was as simple as demanding: A bed that takes up minimal space, meets the highest standards of safety and sleeping comfort and offers a great design! And with the SMARTBett® it succeeded in a particular way.
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We are now looking back on 20 years of experience and development and are still far from ending. In that time we have grown and lived a steady progress of our products. This should also be the case in the next 20 years so that we can delight you with consistently high quality products.
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Over 70,000 SATISFIED COSTUMERS Our support will be happy to answer any questions about products, delivery or complaints. You can contact us by phone from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 16:30. You can also send us an e-mail. We usually answer them at the latest on the following day.
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Our production
Clever furnishing: The SMARTBett® is more than a Murphy bed. It is the ideal living idea for those who want to save space and make no compromise on style and comfort.
Beside the development and production of the innovative SMARTBett®-sleep furniture, the company SMARTBett® manufactures with her Know-how, in some productions high-quality function fittings for the world market, and is a sought system partner of the furniture and upholstered furniture industry. In addition to the large-scale production of functional fittings, brackets and other accessories for folding beds, TV-armchairs and other comfort furniture, special customer requirements can be realized as well.
It always starts with an idea. Until a sophisticated concept is developed, many questions must be answered: How can I realize my idea? How do I
connect best functionality with exceptional design? How can we ensure the highest quality at attractive prices? In SMARTBett®, a highly motivated
team of designers and engineers are working on innovative answers to these and other questions. Our philosophy guides our experts here at each
step. You can bring in a nutshell: Added value. For our customers. In all other respects.
Only in this way can something extraordinary be created. And for this reason, the ideas of SMARTBett® have an innovative edge that you will enjoy
every day!
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We are making life easier
Innovation is our drive - and your profit: Each SMARTBett®-product is measured by whether it has an advantage over existing furniture solutions. Only if this question can be answered with a clear Yes, it will be implemented. And a SMARTBett® means many benefits for your home and your everyday life: more space - more comfort - more style - more quality of life!
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and we're not resting on that:
Every day we think about how our mature products can be improved, which housing ideas the world is still waiting of, and how can they be implemented-in short: how can we make your life even easier! Because it's just nice when one's own home becomes the favorite place.