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Double Murphy Bed
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To have in your apartment a large bed with a high-quality orthopedic mattress is everyone's dream. The reason that prevents you from buying it is the lack of free space in the room. Some people solve this problem by purchasing a sofa bed. It is much more convenient and practical to buy a transforming bed. This design of a double closet bed will not only free up the room but also bring style, comfort, and modernity to the interior. Some models of these beds can be transformed into pieces of furniture such as a Murphy bed. If your apartment resembles a cramped closet, then buying a transforming bed will be an original solution for equipping a room.
The transforming double beds presented in this catalog allow you to create elegant interiors without sacrificing functionality. You can put a closet against the wall, in the chipboard color and material you need, and possibly with a photo print pattern on the facade so that it fits into the interior and takes up only half a square meter. When evening comes or guests come, you fold this Murphy bed into a double bed with an orthopedic mattress. Thus, a double transforming bed is both a full-fledged wide sleeping place and a Murphy bed for storing things. Also, this transforming furniture can be equipped with a sofa, table, and additional modules.
There are many models in this catalog of Murphy beds, how can you choose a double transformer bed that is right for you? To do this, decide on the place of installation of the furniture, it should be adjacent to the main wall, not from drywall. Next, pay attention to the dimensions, they vary from 1000 to 2400 mm, choose the model that fits into your room, taking into account the folding.
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Advantages of the Murphy bed of the transforming bed
There are many benefits of such type of furniture:
  • ● Significant savings in the usable area of the room. You no longer have to think about
    how to visually enlarge the space of the room. A few seconds - and the double
    murphy bed merged with the wall.
  • ● No need to make the bed every morning. The design includes special belts that
    fasten the mattress and bedding to the bed. This takes 10 seconds.
  • ● Easier and more pleasant cleaning of the room, since you do not have to crawl trying
    to remove the dust under the bed.
  • ● The transformer Murphy bed allows you to conveniently place your things. Some
    models have a mezzanine or shelves.
  • ● Convenient and easy operation. The bed is folded and unfolded in just half a minute.
    Some models fold down by pressing a button on the remote control.
  • ● With such furniture, the room will look more stylish. Guests may not even guess that
    a sleeping place is hidden in one of the Murphy beds.
  • ● Transforming structures can be equipped with an orthopedic mattress. This allows
    you to make your sleep more fulfilling.
    There are two types of lifting mechanisms:
  • ● Horizontal beds are transformers. Available in several versions: single, bunk. This
    type is preferable for children. Fasteners are carried out with the long side of the
  • ● The vertical double wall bed is the transformer. This type of transforming bed is
    equipped with a special mechanism. With its help, the bed is firmly pressed against
    the wall.
What affects the price of a transforming bed
For a product such as a transformer bed, the price depends on many factors. The standard
construction consists of a steel frame, several rows of lamellas, support leveling feet, fixing
straps, and a gas lift mechanism. The product is significantly more expensive - the facade
and, in fact, the design of the structure of the transforming bed and the furniture system with it.
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