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Murphy Bed White
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If you're looking for a sleek White Murphy bed, then you've come to the right place: our company SMARTBett offers a great selection of these beds. Each buyer has the opportunity to choose their style, finish, and shade. Such furniture will perfectly complement any interior and make it refined and flawless. So, what are the advantages of a white wall bed?
  • ● Combines perfectly with any interior;
  • ● Has an elegant appearance;
  • ● Has a large pull-out drawer for storing things;
  • ● Has a high platform for sleeping;
  • ● The construction is made of high-quality wood;
  • ● Can withstand a lot of weight.
White beds are a great choice. Thanks to them, the space of the room can be expanded. This approach will transform the bedroom and make the rest of it more comfortable.
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What materials are used in the manufacture of the White Murphy bed
  • ● To begin with 99,9% of all of our buyers were completely satisfied with their choice of
    bed, be that bed in the closet 120x200 or a bigger one.
  • ● People from various sorts of professions, heights, weight had made a remark of the
    fact that the duration of their sleep and the quality of it improved highly, in every
    possible way.
  • ● This kind of bed is incredibly good for an elderly, especially those who have trouble
    sleeping and can’t enjoy their nap. With the Murphy bed that copies your spine and
    the form of your body you and your parents will be able to enjoy sleep and have a
    good night rest.
  • ● You will notice that the wholesome state and performance of a person who sleeps on
    Murphy bed 120x200 during the day will improve due to the fact that a good night's
    rest and sleeping time is incredibly important and essential for good feeling during
    the whole day.
  • ● The bed frame of this bed can be adjusted to your size. Regarding the fact that the
    size of your bed matters, we can come to the obvious conclusion that the choice of a
    bed of the size that suits you perfectly affects every aspect of your life.
  • ● If you were sleeping on the sofa before that and you have never experienced this
    kind of pleasure of sleeping on the wall bed 140x200 then as soon as you will
    experience it you will know the difference.
  • ● During the long period of time many customers notice that they start feeling
    uncomfortable during the night and it turns out that it is happening due to the poor
    quality bed and an uncomfortable position of the body during the resting time.
    While picking a Murphy bed you will be provided with a mattress that will completely take the form of your body and will not sag over time for sure.
Is it possible to buy comfort
Nevertheless while purchasing this Murphy bed any Buyer will be certain that he is paying
for quality for sure. You can be certain that with this 140x200 Murphy bed you will get:
  • ● highest quality of materials;
  • ● guarantee for the mattress in Murphy bed;
  • ● no discomfort while laying and changing positions;
  • ● invisible fold-in bed that appears out of nowhere.
For years in a row we provide our beloved customers with high-quality Goods and we know
that the quality of our mattresses is pure 100%. This is a popular bed in Scandinavian
countries and globally.
This fold-in bed can be a real room saver when you are living in a small apartment or if you
want to make more room for your guests and at the same time when this bed is folded you
will have enough room for you and your guests (or family) to sit around and enjoy a large
As you can see the best way to save up space and have a great resting time is to purchase
a 140х200 Murphy bed and to see for yourself how comfortable it is.
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